Professional kitchens in our homes

Times New Roman”; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;} The instruments that cooks have at their disposal in professional kitchens are many and conceived to make the work of chefs easier,Guest Posting making some operations faster, making it possible to cook great amounts of food, and making cooks work with more precision. When we cook in our kitchens, although we have a big family, a great passion for cooking, and many hosts that come and go, the professional instruments of restaurants might be excessive; nonetheless we can “steal” some components of restaurant kitchens to improve our kitchen, too.

First of all, if we consider the Fitted Kitchens materials restaurant kitchens are made of, we notice that most accessories and pieces of furniture are made of steel, for hygiene requirements. In our kitchens, instead of entirely copying the furniture of professional kitchens, we could insert only some steel elements, like the hob. In this way our kitchen will have some typical components of professional kitchens, with the advantages that derive from that, above all in terms of hygiene, but in the same time it can be enriched through other materials that make it look better (a kitchen completely made of stainless steel can appear monotonous and cold). In this way we can combine steel elements with wood or marble surfaces, that can be useful to chop or to mould.

As far as the choice of home appliances is concerned, you are spoilt for choice: many of the most famous manufacturers, indeed, realize various kinds of appliances that are similar to industrial machines, although they obviously are streamlined. In fact, nobody needs huge hobs and industrial dishwashers, but the home appliances that imitate industrial machines are characterized by some functions that can certainly be useful also at home, like functional handles, electronic controls and displays to monitor temperature, just to name a few.

In addition to furniture and appliances, there are many other components of professional kitchens that can be used also in our kitchens. Pots, for example: many people use the same pot or pan to cook everything, from pasta to meat, from rice to fish. Real cooks, on the contrary, use different types of pots, each conceived for a given type of cooking or food, and also nonprofessional cooks can go in the best-stocked shops and buy pasta cookers, bratt pans, steam cookers and so on.

There are also some components of industrial kitchens that our kitchen can do without. Sinks, for example, that in industrial kitchens are usually very large to contain pots that are difficult to be seen in our homes. In makes no sense to imitate the size of these sinks, but from them we can take inspiration to enrich our kitchen with sinks having one, large tub and curved taps that let us wash also very large pots.

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